Thursday, 17 of April , 2014



Red Spoke Cycling is all about making cycling a way of life…

Cycling can nourish your soul, improve your health, alleviate stress and bring a family together.  No matter what your interest – from the casual rider to the competitive racer – you know that cycling makes the world a better place.  Well, at least we think that!


Read the blog, check out the Formerly Loved Bikes and see what’s happening in the world of Workplace Wellness as Red Spoke takes over lunchtime at an area business.


Have fun with the site…and be sure to email me at with stories about how YOU make cycling a way of life.  I will feature you in a future blog!


Red Spoke Cycling specializes in Used and
Vintage Bicycles.  Bikes are always in stock. LOTS of new and
used parts and accessories, too!
Everything you need to enjoy cycling is
HERE at Red Spoke Cycling.

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